As the leading technology experts for society’s most complex challenges, we tackle economic and ecological inefficiencies and hence significantly increase the quality of life.


We demonstrate the superiority of our technology and will make it accessible to the general public by:

  • addressing society’s most relevant challenges
  • developing closely together with our customers
  • extending our team with expert knowledge
  • purposefully nurturing talent

  • EMPATHY | ˈɛmpəθi: We are developing our products together with the customer and put ourselves in their shoes to deliver the best quality.
  • ADDED VALUE | ˈædəd ˈvælju: Our goal is to create value for a whole ecosystem: our immediate customers, their value-chains, society, and a sustainable planet. We only commit to projects recognizing all four of these pillars.
  • RESPONSIBILITY | riˌspɑnsəˈbɪləti: As a company, we take responsibility. For the quality of our products, for successful cooperations with our customers, our footprint on this planet, our impact on society and for the treatment of our team.
  • OPENNESS | ˈoʊpənnəs: Our strength as a startup is the agile modus operandi that allows us to quickly align with the desires of our customers and be open to new ideas and methods. We believe in the power of diversity, where every ethnicity, functional background sex etc. empowers creativity and decision-making processes.
  • COMPETENCE | ˈkɑmpətɪns: Our novel and disruptive technology is the heart of all our products. To establish it at the market and obtain credibility, we strive to build upon our unique expertise and display competence at every stage.
  • INNOVATION | ˌɪnəˈveɪʃən: Current computing systems reach their limit and minor improvements will not deal with the underlying problems. Therefore, we choose to leave the well-known path and take the road less travelled.
  • PASSION | ˈpæʃən: Through workshops, team-building, effective communication and a clear vision, we spark the fire in our team to be part of something big.
  • TRANSPARENCY | trænˈspɛrənsi: We want our team, our partners and customers to feel valued and treated fairly, which is why we will communicate every major decision and milestone with clear transparency.