GEMESYS to win idea contest

At the end of November, we presented our proposal in front of an audience for the first time. We deliberately chose the “Leitidee” idea contest of Worldfactory Start-up Center (WSC), because we wanted to receive feedback from people who are experienced in the startup/business world and do not know any of us personally. The jury absolutely fulfilled these competences and consisted of Anja Sommerfeld (Rosami), Tanja Reichenberg (Ingpuls GmbH), Dawid Schäfers (VOLL digital GmbH), Christian Els (sentin GmbH) and Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiss (CEIT). Furthermore, especially precious to us as well was the insight from Daniel Heinen regarding the topic of storytelling.

We were very excited that our proposal was received exceptionally well and we were able to win the contest and the prize money of 1.000€! Most importantly, we were also able to learn so much with respect to our future endeavors – thank you so much!

Official press release (German):


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