Challenges with countless possibilities, but a decision must be made: The shortest path for a package delivery driver, the optimal protein design for a revolutionary medication, or the best planning for aviation schedules. Today, these and other similar problems are solved approximately at best and hence, suboptimal measures are taken. GEMESYS guarantees to find the best possible decision because, in contrast to all our competitors, we are designing both our own soft- and hardware. The resulting superior computing power allows us to investigate challenges with an extremely high amount of possibilities.


It is well known that even simple, unicellular organisms like amoebas are able to process information more efficiently (faster and with less energy) than any supercomputer ever built by humans. Based on two dissertations within our founding team, we developed a method to mimic nature’s computing power and energy efficiency with electrical circuits. This is an unimaginably powerful tool, which we apply to society’s most computationally difficult decision-making problems: From drug design, route planning, and scheduling to protein design and smart cities. By doing so, we provide value to the whole ecosystem: our immediate customers, their value-chains, society, and a sustainable planet. The first version of our solver will be a digital emulation of the aforementioned electrical circuits and will come as a scalable and easy-to-integrate Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

In the long run, our vision is to manufacture hardware solutions to showcase the full potential of our technology that we know will withstand any competition – but we want to show that to the world as well. Every day, we work our best to come one step closer to making the dream become reality.


The sketches below show the fundamental technological difference between the systems that are currently used to solve complex decision-making problems and the GEMESYS approach.



All current computers, whether the one you are reading this text on or a dedicated supercomputer, rely on the separation between information processor and information storage. Therefore, these two components require constant communication. This communication is highly inefficient for complex decision-making problems, since it takes up a lot of energy and, most important, a lot of time. It is the reason why calculating optimal solutions to these problems can require millions of years.

At its core, the GEMESYS technology is based on a novel electrical circuit component, the memristor (memory resistor). If utilized correctly, the memristor possesses the ability to simultaneously be information processor and information storage. Hence, these two formerly separate units are now combined into a single unit, eliminating the need for communication. Based on two dissertations within the founding team, we have developed a method to design electrical circuits such that the calculation of complex decision-making problems can be done in the blink of an eye.


At the very core of our services is the powerful GEMESYS Solver with unparalleled computing power. Together with the customer, we identify detailed business problems of limited resource allocation and deduct a demonstrably optimal decision-making process.


First, our expert team develops a highly customized, detailed replica of the customer‘s business problem. By doing so, the problem becomes quantifiable, i.e. its optimal solution can be calculated.


Next, we feed the replica to the powerful GEMESYS solver, which comes up with the optimal solution to the problem within the blink of an eye. We then conduct a case study on the value-added, i.e. how much better our solution is to the solution currently used.


Lastly, we develop a custom API tailored to the customer‘s needs and make the GEMESYS solver available via our SaaS-Cloud. 


What has the efficiency of resources in logistics, the development of drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, resource management (human and nonhuman), and scheduling (manufacturing, production, aviation, etc.) in common? They are some of the greatest problems society faces today. And: They all have underlying computational models, which are too complex to be solved optimally with the current state of technology. To face these challenges, we urgently require disruptive technologies to address these problems with higher efficiency. GEMESYS is an operations excellence-solver, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to answer questions so complex, you don’t even dare to ask them.




Dennis is the chief execute of GEMESYS. His Ph.D. thesis on bio-inspired computing forms the basis of our use cases. Previously working in one of the highest managing positions within the largest animal rights organization in the world, he is well equipped to manage and represent GEMESYS in all public affairs.

Enver is our leading technological expert. His Ph.D. thesis on memristive elements is the foundation of our technology. His multiple years of working in R&D make him the perfect fit to develop our innovative electrical circuits with his competence and experience.

Moritz is the person in charge of finances and operations at GEMESYS. His double master’s degree in Advanced International Business Management combined with his multiple years of experience as a business consultant enables us to develop our products purposefully, agile, and in close cooperation with our customers.

Lisa holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mathematics and a Ph.D. degree in operations research. She is our expert when it comes to translating the problems of our customers into the world of numbers and variables.

Sebastian is our cloud expert. His knowledge in cloud computing and his background in cyber security help us to develop a secure cloud environment for the efficient and practical deployment of our products.

Ali has a background in neuroinformatics and artificial intelligence. With his expertise in Python, Cuda, and JavaScript he develops APIs and platforms to equip our groundbreaking technology with easy accessibility.

Niklas is our graphics designer who manages our corporate designs. He has several years of experience within one of the most renowned international advertising agencies.

Karlheinz was the supervisor for Dennis’ and Enver’s dissertation. His multiple years of working in both industry and academia make him a valuable sparring partner to test our ideas and implementations.

Peter is a serial entrepreneur and a specialist in data science. He is both partner and managing director of multiple startups. His experience makes him a valuable coach and he has been with us since the very beginning.