Are you ready to be part of the AI revolution?


We are looking for AI pioneers, and brilliant minds to help us build the future of AI. Our goal is to enable AI creating a better world by overcoming computing bottlenecks and unlocking its true potential.

This is our baseline!

Our working principles for a new AI era

G enius talent for genius innovation

We strive for excellence and brilliant minds. Our commitment to hiring the best talent helps us generating true innovation in artificial intelligence. We are shaping a culture of innovation and excellence. 

E veryone tells the truth, even if it hurts

We live honesty and transparency. We provide structured feedback and name things that are important, even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult. Open and direct communication help us to continuously grow.

M ates
are Family

We believe in supporting each other like family. We are a strong team that stands united against challenges. We celebrate success together and go through depths together. We are happy about the growth of our colleagues. 

E rrors result in progress

Failure is a necessary step towards real innovation. We fail, learn and quickly adapt. Making mistakes is a part of the process, and we embrace it as an opportunity for growth. That’s how we enable fast progress. 

S uperior ideas
always win

We believe in a flat hierarchy and treating everyone with respect and equality. No matter what, everyone has valuable ideas and contributions to make. We encourage participation from all team members, regardless of their position or background.

Y es to purpose
driven work

We are committed to contribute to an ambitious cause. We believe that being part of something big and meaningful is important for our fulfillment in work and everyday life. To achieve this, we strive to go the extra mile and embrace the journey towards our vision. 

S mart allocation of resources

We take our responsibility seriously. We believe in acting economically and using our resources responsibly and purposefully. We will make the planet a better place with our choices, our products and by fulfilling our vision.

A place to grow!

Genius people deserve the best support

Purposeful work

You get the chance to make a real impact with your work by shaping the AI future. In our team, everyone gets the chance to push their ideas and see them become reality.

Flexibility & Autonomy

Trust-based and flexible working hours as well as the possibility for working from home, remote work and workation are a matter of course for us.

Opportunities for Growth and Development

We are still a small team, which means that every employee can take on responsibility very quickly and shape its own journey. As a team we help you grow together with us.

VSOPs Compensation package

Our VSOP package rewards full time employees with equity ownership in the company, providing a unique opportunity to share in our success and contribute to our long-term growth.

Food, Drinks & further office benefits

At our office, we aim to enhance your work experience, including access to healthy snacks and a diverse selection of hot and cold beverages. Moreover, we offer various amenities designed to improve your productivity and enjoyment.

Open for individual ideas & requirements

This list is not exhaustive. Tell us what you need to perform at your best and we will try to implement it.

Join our team

Step 1


Submit your application by uploading your data and application documents (motivational letter, CV and certificates) via our job forms. We will get back to you within 2 weeks. 

Step 2


We have a three staged interview process (2 remote, 1 on side). The first interview will be a remote screening interview to review your general fit and clarify questions (~30min) . The second interview will be remote with our professionals, checking your competencies in a case study and team fit (~90min). The third interview will be a day at the office to give you the chance to meet the team and evaluate the fit between you and us on different dimensions (4-5 hrs).  

Step 3


After the onsite interview, we provide feedback as soon as possible. If the feedback is positive, we will make you an offer and look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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All sails are set for growth. Check our our recent job postings and join the GEMESYS Team!

proactive applications: highly welcome

You don’t find a job posting that matches you? No problem. We always need good people.
Feel free to drop us a proactive application and we will find out together if we can find a seat at the table for you. 


Frequently Ask Questions

We have gathered some of the most asked questions regarding the application process for you. If there is anything missing, feel free to contact us via E-Mail:

We always love to understand the motivation behind our applicants. Please use the cover letter to really show us your motivation.

Tell us: Why GEMESYS? Why deeptech? Why startup? Why the respective role?

We can see your work experience and previous career in your CV. Use this letter to dig deeper in your personality and explain us how you fit into the bigger concept of GEMESYS.

Dig Deeper! 

CV and motivational letter are mandatory. Please also consider to upload work certificates, referral etc. 

After you application was submitted, it is in our closed database. If you want to make changes you have to write us an E-Mail to:


Startup live can sometimes be very turbulent. However, we take your time seriously and understand that your probably want to get feedback fast. Therefore, we commit ourself to respond to your application within two weeks after submission. 

You can apply to as many job postings as you want. 

The interviews will be either held in German or in English. You can indicate a preference in your application. However, it will be dependent upon the respective person that you meet in the interview. 

The remote interview will be held with one of our HR-colleagues. The onsight interviews will be with experts from the respective departments that you are applying to. In the end of the onsight interview day, you will always have talked to at least one of our founders. 

The onsight interviews will be held at our office in Bochum, Germany (there are exceptions possible for applicants that are applying from outside Germany). 

The onsight interviews consists of several interviews that are testing different areas such as expertise, cultural fit and motivation. In every interview you meet a different person. This gives you the chance to get a picture of us and our employees and we make sure that our picture of you is shaped by more than one interviewer. In addition, you will get the chance to look around our office, take a tour of the premises and get an idea of what GEMESYS is all about. 

After the onsight interview we try to provide you with feedback as soon as possible. We commit us to get back to you within one week. 

Our criteria are based on three main dimensions: expertise, cultural fit and motivation.

Firstly, your expertise needs to match the needed profile. It doesn't need to match exactly every single requirement. However, we want to have the feeling that you have the basics to be able to get yourself familiar with the respective requirements and work it out. 

Secondly, cultural fit is very important for us. Every new hire changes the culture within the startup. That's why we carefully check if we are a good match for each other. This way we prevent disappointments. If you want, you can do a small self assessment by reading through our company values at the top of the career page. 

Third, it is important for us to understand your motivation. What drives you? We look for people that have the capability of shaping a new tomorrow. Therefore, they need a strong motivation. We want to know your WHY.

Feedback is always highly appreciated. If you have any problems, technical issue or just feedback regarding the website, the application process or website, fell free to contact us via E-Mail: .